Meet Michelle Gourgues

  Welcome to Gourgues Creations! 
My name is Michelle Gourgues (pronounced just like gorgeous) 😊. I was born and raised an Alabama girl (Roll Tide!). I became a resident of Mobile, AL in 2008 and I absolutely love living so close to the beach!

I have always been a creative at heart but I truly found my passion when I started creating mixed media art that is made up of various types of broken glass along with seashells that I have collected along the gulf coast. My main artistic focus is creating one of a kind pieces that incorporate my love for the beach with a coastal aesthetic while maintaining my unique artistic identity.
The glass that I use comes from broken glass bottles, half cut glass bottles, glass pebbles that have been crushed, stained glass, blown glass and other glass items that I find along the way.

I believe that God gives each person a creative vision and I love seeing those dreams become a reality. Remember that just because something is broken doesn’t mean that it cannot be made whole and beautiful in it's own special way.
I pray that you will always be blessed, even on your bad days! I would be honored for you to share my website & please be sure to follow Gourgues Creations on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Pinterest.
Thanks for joining me on this journey!



PS - Just remember that just because something is broken doesn't mean it can't be a gorgeous creation!